elizabeth tennant

My work focuses on intimate revelations. I show the things that people do, the specific and strange things that we feel. Nothing is quite as fascinating or as odd to me as the human mind and how it changes. I am drawn to the moments in every imagination when there is a sudden gasp of perception: we turn a corner and suddenly find a new name, or understand a new thing. With each painting, I try to describe such a moment.

These moments occur in the fantastic landscape of imagination. The language that best describes them is cartoonish and playful, melodramatic and chaotic – elements that give the most accurate description of this unquantifiable territory. And we feel such moments intensely, in rich colors and layered textures. To fuse the sensuality of color with the limitless wandering of abstract imagination gives me a sort of blissful high that no drug can reproduce. To be honest, I am an addict. I invite the viewer to share, and enjoy, my addiction